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    the MAG is finally in. I had to make the goofy basterd go in the back and look, and they had it. The meet we did in Winter Park, is in this one, and i was pissed to see Schwab's picture in there instead of yours.

    But anyways, whats going on for this sunday, with the meet. If you wanna give me a call sometime friday or saturday my # is 665-2203, or whenever.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Hey, will one of you two pick me up one next time your at the gym. That is the only place i have found that has them. I will give ya cash and grab it from ya next time i see ya, hopefully this week.
    I you can, thanks.

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    Well i think he won best deadlifter. But they dam sure should have put me in there for winnign the prize and best bencher, considering it was hyped as a bench meet.

    Grimmer where ya been? Fuck where have i been? Finals for me right now so i have littel tiem online.

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