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    How Do I get into powerlifting in my area (toronto)

    i was always interested in power lifting
    i was told by a couple people at my gym that i should really look inta that, but unfortunately those same people that were in competetion at the time. we lost contact with eachother so i'm the last one still here
    so if anyone has information about who i should contact or anything please let me know
    thanks in advance

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    You could start by looking in the phone book for some hardcore gyms in your area. CHeck out all the gyms close by and ask the people working there if it is a PL freindly gym or if they know of any PL that trian there. I think there is a guy from there that posts on Powerlifting forum. Just start a thread about toronto PL on any PL board any you will surley find someone.

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    I am looking for a band and chain friendly gym, and a Mono-Lift would be nice too, in Toronto. A team member is traveling soon and needs a place to train.


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    I live in Mississauga (west end of Toronto) the only gym that i was able to find that had power racks was MONSTER GYM on the highway just off the 401 near dixon. there open 24 hrs.. I did't enquire about chains or bands.
    I believe the previous owners use to hold PL competitions and such but don't know what it is like now..

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