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    deciever is offline Associate Member
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    Jul 2002

    Floor Press video

    Here's a video of my floor press..

    it was 185 + 50lbs of chain, which was a big PR for me.. so im wondering how it looked. Just looking for some advice on my form and such..

    here's the link...

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    DEADLIFT FREAK is offline Junior Member
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    Jul 2002
    I would suggest moving your grip in. I did these today. ~thumbs distace from the smooth. Also, keep your legs flat. They should not assist you at all. Also makes it harder to stabilize. Make it harder not easier.

    Also, how much of the chain is left on the floor at lockout? I have it so the full weight of the chain is at the top(none left on the floor). Maybe that's just me.

    That being said you are getting strong you lil bastard. I think my best on this even with a wide grip is like 185 or so.

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    deciever is offline Associate Member
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    Jul 2002
    I do most of my max effort work with a normal comp grip. its get me used to it. maybe i'll try moving it in a bit if ido these again.

    I wasnt getting any assistance from my legs... it was just more comfortable that way.. i didndt want one of the new local morons who started to occupy the gym to step on me or anything

    Maybe about a foot total on each side of the 4 ends of the chain touching.. so probably about 2-4 lbs of chain left on the ground at lockout on each side.. so 4-8 lbs were left on the ground total(im estimating this) ...

    haha thanks just naturally stronger with a wide grip... i suck ass with a close grip though.. probably couldnt get 185 + chains even started moving

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    long island new york

    I agree with Deadlift freak use a narrow grip it will improve your lockout and you even said "I suck ass with a close grip" after all the movement is designed to help the mid to lock out of your bench.
    In fact I believe most of your ME bench work should be done with a close grip, the majority of ME work is done to improve your lock out so no better way to improve your lock out than to strengthen your tri's.

    Maybe train with a comp grip a week or so before a meet. To get ready.

    Stay Strong,


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