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    Metal Militia Summary

    Hi all...having competed in my first bench competition just this morning, I can already tell I've been bitten by the bug. Though by no means a year-round powerlifter, I did have a great experience incorporating westside training into my routine last year, and fully plan on doing it again. However, I'd like to learn as much as possible about the techniques and training styles that successful lifters are using so that I might better understand how to "attack" my bench and other lifts. That being said, it would certainly be in my best interest to familiarize myself with what, exactly, militia style training entails and is based upon. However, it appears quite difficult to come by a comprehensive summary of the "program" least in the way Westside training summaries appear to be readily available (which perhaps might have something to do with the metal militia site being on "temporary" right now). Is anyone aware of where I might find a suitable summary so that I can get started on evaluating what it is that I might like to incorporate, discuss, or otherwise learn from? Thanks.

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    No idea BG but I've looked all over for a summary of the program. It involves heavy bench shirt work and of course, lockout power. Keep searching, and if you find it, PM me.



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    hey sup BG. I'd be glad to help ya buddy they lift 2 days a week one on tue and the other on sat on tue they do mainly raw bench and 3,2,1 boards I believe in a shirt(i'm looking for a link to the program, sorry) and then on sat they do shirt work and work on the 4,5,6 boards HEAVY top lift. also do some close grips to max(they start with these). It's the basis. Your better off waiting til june 20th and going on and looking for yourself b/c the site is down now.

    I can't get into my AOL since i cancelled it and got DSL but now I don't have my link cheat sheet to help ya with sorry buddy.

    Do a search on sebastian burns articles he's the main one that writes training articles.

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