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    Just an Odd Idea I've Been Kicking Around...might it actually work?

    I'm certain i'm not intelligent enough in these matters to be the first to have considered this tactic, so I'm thinking that the reason I don't see this method espoused anywhere is because it simply doesn't work....However, I'm failing to see why this little idea of mine would fail to work. Maybe some of you can enlighten me? Anyway, here's my "idea".

    I know isometrics don't carry a great rep for increasing strength throughout the total ROM of an exercise (is the carryover approximately 10% on either side of the point of contraction?), but, let's say one had determined fairly accurately where their sticking point existed on the bench press. Would benching inside the power rack with the pins set at such a point so that the bottom of the pins would effectively "hold" the bar at the sticking point and literally pushing against those pins with a legitimate total effort for about six seconds do anything to get one through that sticking point? I tend to believe that it would provided the isometric holds were truly forceful contractions. Has anyone attempted this or something similar?

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    I have tried it before and find it to be very complicated, as most power racks will not accomodate to your bench press sticking point as they have only limited spots where u can put on the pins. However, I would assume that if you could get within a centimeter of your sticking point, which would be lucky, you might see some gains after weeks and weeks of practice and might eventually overcome that sticking point, possibly even raising it up a few inches which would surely help.

    Anyone else? I have been interested in this for a while myself...


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