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    Boxing Lifting Workout

    If I am boxing 5 days a week, sparring 3 days a week, running 5 days a week (5 days doing miles 3 days doing sprints) is this a good routine? I will

    Day 1 Tuesday

    Squats 10 8 6 4 2 (quads,calves)
    Deadlifts 10 8 6 4 2 (hamstrings, lowerback, traps)
    Barbell Shrugs 10 8 6 4 2 (traps)
    Standing Lat raises 10 8 6 4 2 (side and rear delts)

    Day 2 Friday

    Dumbell Press 10 8 6 4 2 (chest,front delts,triceps)
    Lat Pulldowns behind neck 10 8 6 4 2 (lats)
    Standing barbell curls (biceps, back forearms)
    Reverse barbell curls (brachialis, front forearms)
    4 way Neck Machine 5x10 (neck)

    Suppose I wasn't boxing or doing cardio, would this be a good routine if your just strictly lifting? Keep in mind I take supps but NO juice.
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    I think I answerd this already. Did you post it twice by accident?

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    If you weren't boxing then this wouldn't be a good routine.

    For Boxing - I might get rid of the dumbell stuff and go with barbell all the way.

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    how b,ig are you? Ive been boxing competitavly for about eight years and my trainer made sure I never lifted weights I did pushups ,situps, ball situps, balancing beam medicine throw, pullups, and most importantly uphill sprints. He would get mad when I lifted. I always wanted to be swole so I had to make a choice I decided I wasnt going to be on an HBO card or ESPN for that matter and all I was getting was local recognition not too much $ at that level and my speech has slown noticably over the years and I can't ever hide that I was a boxer when you speak to me. I decided to quit competing and get swole. I still hit but only for anarobic exercise on the heavy and speed bag and it helps cut that winter fat and get me ripped up. I know this didnt really answer your question but I wonder whois training you that wouldnt tell you that weight training slows you down in the ring and you loose some of that flexibility.On the other hand if you are heavy to superheavyweight maybey weights are a good thing,I would focus on lats,quads,shoulders ,triceps and the whole neck area.

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    weight training doesn't slow you down if you're doing explosive sets. Instead of squats, squat jumps. When on bench press, use the smith machine and literally throw the bar.

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    I would use free weights (not smith machine) but I agree on the explosive training. Most importantly over head press, incline presses, squats ... with a barbell.

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