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    Question working out each muscle 1x a week

    For the past 4 years, I've worked each muscle in the body 2x a week on non consecutive days(for recovery). Recently, I've started to only work each muscle once a week. I feel like I'm nolonger overtraining. Especially my legs. I've noticed that each session is a little more intense do to the fact that I only have to concentrate on 1 muscle for the day. I'm also starting to gain weight, finally, after almost 2 years of stagnicity. My question is, Am I right in thinking that I will stop overtraining now with this new regiment???My goal is to look like my avatar(arnold) I don't care how long it takes. Also, any good calv routines???


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    Well, this has nothing to do with powerlifting. So now you've got a bunch of fat strong guys mad.

    As far as the switch you made, its quite possible you were overtraining before. This isn't something you can really get a correct answer for in a message board, just too many factors to consider.

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