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    In need of a quality powerlifting routine.

    Hey fellas,

    Im wondering if anyone on here has a good 12-14 week powerlifting program for all three lifts that maybe you could post. Or let me know where I could find one, somthing other than WSB maybe. That would be great! I dont train with chains or bands but I do all assistance lifts and stuff. A percentage program would be great! thanks very much in advance

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    i found this helpful :


    i copied it into MS Word and printed it out. also i have some other 8 / 9 week program printed out, but I have no idea where it came from.

    (i don't powerlift, just read through it for the information and adjusted my workout a little bit)

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    351 Look at the CAT Routine Calculators.


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    Several vets will recommend you try westside barbell training methods. A lot of great articles are up on www.************.com if you wanna look it up. Otherwise I would take ermandtrout's advice and hit up the ****** website, it has a lot of useful information. Peace.


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    Well from my own personal experience wsb is the way to go. I'm not a big fan of % and periodization training for meet preperation.

    Check out the links above also try there are loads of articles pertaining to all types of strength training. Check out the archive section.

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