No purchase required or needed and no shipping to pay. We're just trying to get powerlifting posters put up all over the USA.

The poster is 16x22 and it's printed on high quality, glossy paper.
The picture is of Joe Ladnier reppin' out 405 in the gym with the caption "Shut Up And Bench!"

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Joe Ladnier is the 1980-1982 Mississippi State Powerlifting Champion, the 1981 & 1982 Arkansas/Louisiana/Mississippi Tri-State Powerlifting Champion, 1980-1982 Teenage National Powerlifting Champion, 1983 IPF World Silver Medialist, 1983 Senior Nationals Champion, 1984 Pan-American Champion, 1988 ADFPA National Champion, 1989 WDFPF World Champion and 2002 APF 275 Class Senior Nationals Champion.

Joe Ladnier was the 1st lifter in history to break the 2100 pound barrier in the 220 pound class. By age 19, he had beaten the legendary Fred "Dr. Squat" Hatfield and World Champion James Cash. At 5'7, Joe has come in weighing over 260 pounds and with 22" arms, a 53" chest and a 22" neck! In bodybuilding, Joe was the 1985 AAU Mr. Florida, 1987 NPC Jr. Mr. Florida, 2001 Greater Gulf States Overall Champion and overall winner at the 2001 Heart Of Dixie.

Joe recently won the 2002 APF Senior Nationals in the 275 pound class, hitting a 2215 pound total. He also competed in the prestigious Bench America competition and placed 4th in the 275 pound class with a 625 pound benchpress at 252 pounds bodyweight.

Monster Muscle Magazine distributed this awesome poster via all of our Oct/Nov 2003 issues as a compliment to Ladnier's "Powerlifting For Mass" training article. We printed an xtra 5,000 copies of this poster and we're now giving them away to any benchers and benchpress fans who'd like a cool poster for their gym or home.