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    The Monster Muscle March Issue Rocks!

    Monster Muscle Magazine
    Feb/Mar 2004 Issue

    2004 USAPL Women's Nationals - Complete contest coverage and full color pictures!

    Top 50 All-Time USA Rankings for the 198 and 220 Classes in the Squat, Benchpress, Deadlift and Total

    The Pyramid of Powerlifting by Eric Maroscher

    2003 WABDL Worlds - Full Contest Results: Over 600 Lifters!

    Up Close and Personal with Powerlifting Phenom, Tony Caprari interviewed by Wesley Kampen

    Coverage of the 2003 50th Annual APF IronMan

    The New Technology of Water by Timothy Ferriss

    Accessory Onslaught #2 - The Benchpress by Mike Robertson, USAPL Indiana State Chairman

    Band Training by Super Bencher George Halbert

    Ten Ways to Consistently Improve by Top WPO Lifter Brian Schwab

    Complete Updated Rankings for Bench America II

    Be a Hardcore Carnivore and Beef Up Your Lifts! by Seanzilla Katterle

    Power to the Peoples! The Legendary Bob Peoples by Alex Campbell

    Monsters in the Crowd - Monster Muscle Soldiers Representin on the Streets

    Bringing Back The Leg Press by King of the Squats, Brent Mikesell

    Ask the ISSA Trainer - Connective Tissue Injury Prevention and Treatment by Disa Hatfield

    Iron Maiden - K.C. Inlow!

    Iron Evolution #1 - Diet and Nutrition by Mike Robertson, USAPL Indiana State Chairman

    There are two ways to get this issue (besides picking it up at a contest or off of a newsstand.) You can order it as a single issue for $3.95 or you can subscribe for $15 and have your subscription start with this issue.

    Monster Muscle
    PO Box 2561
    Spokane, WA, 99220

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    nice way to make a sale.

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