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    Need help choosing leg equipment for home gym

    I'm building a gym in my basment after we move into our new house which is about 25 miles from the nearest gym. I already have a power rack for squats but I feel like I need at least one other piece of leg equipment. Currently at my gym on leg day I start off with squats and then hit 45 degree leg presses and finish off with standing calf raises.

    I have a max budget for my extra leg equipment of $500.

    I'm looking at this vertical leg press which I can get for $450.

    This angled leg press which I can also get for $450. (I like the calf block attachement that comes with this too.

    And this leg press for $339.

    And finally this vertical leg press which I can get for $275.

    I'm 6'5" tall so the machine must allow a full range of motion.

    Please give me some input.
    All prices include shipping.

    I should add that my gym equipment currently consists of:
    Squat rack
    F/I/D bench
    Lat Pull down/Low row
    Dip station
    dumbells up to 130lbs ea.
    1 300lb oly set w/ 8 additional 45lb plates.
    2 weight trees
    Green,Purple and Blue jump-stretch bands.
    Oly EZ curl bar
    Weighted dip belt

    If I get a cheaper leg press I would put the additional money into a slant ab board or a dedicated Oly bench.

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    I wouldn't waste your money on a leg press when a glute-ham raise or reverse hyper machine would be much better for powerlifting strength. Check this site out (they are kind of expensive, but you could find cheaper ones)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gretak911
    leg press
    LEG PRESS?!?!


    Wait, isn't this the powerlifting board?


    Uggg... I suppose we will forgive you this time around.

    If you are dead set on getting a leg press, I won't post my opinions or suggestions for non-leg press equipment (unless you want me too, lol)

    I would honestly go with the NYBB model. I have had good experience with their brand in general. However, I have never used their leg press, so I cannot comment directly there.

    Not to be rude, or tell you what or where to post, but you will probably get more responses to this in the Training Forum.

    The only thing I use the leg press machine for is a plate holder.

    Hopefully we will get some good suggestions from those who own or use leg presses.

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