incline bench medium grip worked upp to 110(242 pounds)for a singel, tried 115 and almost got it but not quite. Probably would have if I tried again but had no good spotter so I didnt bother.

Then I did standing heavy db exstension(both hand on one dumbell) used the 46kg(101 pounds) dumbells for 6 reps 4 sets

Then tate press 4 sets with the 26kg(57ibs)dumbells 4 sets 8 reps

Tried doing dumbell rows but my shoulder is still a bit odd so dropped it and did wide chins instead 4*6 bodyweight only

Then quickly did 3 supersets front/side/rear raises
some biceps works and leg raises

and then 30 minutes on the stairmaster.

Im decently satisfied with the workout, but I thought I was gonna do more then 242 in the incline. I mean 253 with 33 pounds of chains feelt easy in close grip and still Im that weak in incline