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Thread: Anavar

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    I heard that anavar is great for powerlifters. You gain a lot of strength without gaining much mass. My question is if i do 1 cycle, and quit, will i keep the strength gains, or not? How long does it stay in system? How long are the cycles and how much would it cost to do one cycle?

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    you can find every answer to this question by using the search button...

    BTW.. anavar is not that good of a drug for powerlifters.. it's better suited for bridging or for woman..

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    anavar is actually a great choice for power lifters.

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    i kept my strength gains

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    the problem with var isnt physical, its actually mental.when you start cycling with it no doubt its great, but when your done and over with it, your gains are halted into a brick wall and you have to work double as hard to keep your lifts where theyre at. no doubt theyre impressive lifts, but your head starts ****ing with you when your off of it for the reason that u always think ur getting weaker

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    Halotestin is the perfect Androgen for what you want. If anavar increases phosphacreatine production like testosterone and others do than the excess creatine is gonna draw water into the muscle cells. Increasing your wieght. I know for a fact that halotestin wont make you gain any wieght. All agression, which is very benifical for a 1repmax and you still not putting you in another wieght class.

    Halotestin is 700% more androgenic than testosterone.

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