I didnt move any incredible weights but I have NEVER EVER in my life been as explosive and charged as I was today.
first time I tried ephedrin and coffein and I think Im in love. Im on 400mg dnp /Day and still I was so ****ing energetic.

I did speed squats with 180 for 8 sets on a low box
then speed deadlifts of a box 6 singels sets with 180
then leg exstension 4 sets 10 reps with 180
then leg curl with 132 for 5 sets 8 reps
Then deadlifts of a box. used 220 for 10 reps 4 sets feelt VERY explosive

then stairmaster for 21 minutes and 12 minutes of exercise bike

the reason I did deadlifts of the box as last exercise was because I didnt dare to do that exercise to heavy when Im on dnp. I feelt like I was burning upp and had to restrain myself so I didnt work to hard. Luckily they have a big ****ing fan in the leg department so when I turned that mofo directly at me I was cool again.