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    Feb 2004
    on the dip rack.

    SHATTERED my dream of breaking the regional benchpress record........

    ya u heard right fellaz
    15 lbs away from having my name echoed in the hall of fame and what happens, i strain my chest.i tried doing light sets yesterday and that didnt help much.ive had electrolosys and some other things done to the muscle to try and help it recoop but its just not helpin out.**** man, i just dont know what to say.i feel so ****ty.right now i just dont even feel like lookin at a barebell without getting depressed.........

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    Swellin Guest
    That sux bro! Take it easy and recover. Come back stronger than ever.

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    Scotty, beam me up
    injurys sucks. but try to relax and then hit it twice as hard when you have recovered!! I hope you get a speedy recovery bro!

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    Good luck ,I hope you pull it together soon !Try to relax and focus youll get your numbers in time ......CDOG

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    Sorry to hear Bro - rest , recover and set some PR a little later - it is a lifetime sport Bro - try to think about it that way

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    What counts is what you are going to do about it. sorry for your loss but you can use that injury in a positive way by being more motivated than ever. in no time when your all healed up i bet youl shatter that record. good luck and keep us posted.


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