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Thread: NOC results

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    NOC results

    Melvin Scores First Pro Win

    Written by: By Peter McGough

    California's Melvin Anthony flexed to his first pro victory by winning the 2004 Night of Champions in a close run race with second place Darrem Charles. Anthony was fuller and better proportioned than Charles who was more cut -- in fact he's never been more cut. Most observers seemed to think that Charles' evening posing routine bettered Anthony's, but the judges scored it even, and Anthony won the two pre-judging rounds and the posedown round.
    Richard Jones was third, but it was clear he was not at his best; but in the final analysis, third in subpar condition is no mean feat. Ahmad Haidar should have been in the top three, and as far as the audience was concerned the sacrilege of the evening was Pavol Jablonicky, whose fifth place sparked the boofest of the evening. The top five qualify for the 2004 Mr. Olympia contest in Las Vegas in October.
    Scroll down to bottom of page for gallery link


    1 Melvin Anthony
    2 Darrem Charles
    3 Richard Jones
    4 Ahmad Haidar
    5 Pavol Jablonicky
    6 George Farah
    7 Craig Richardson
    8 Branch Warren
    9 Art Atwood
    10 Toney Freeman
    11 Quincy Taylor
    12 Mike Morris
    13 Ed Van Amsterdan
    14 Ronnir Rockel
    15 Nasser El Sonbaty


    1 Vilma Caez
    2 Marjo Lehtonen
    3 Toni Norman
    4 Gayle Moher
    5 Michelle Davis
    6 Fannie Barrios
    7 Angela Debatin
    8 Silvia Matta
    9 Petra Walk
    10 Heike Jeung

    1Yaxeni Oriquen
    2 Betty Pariso
    3 Heather Foster
    4 Lisa Auckland
    5 Desiree Ellis
    6 Maria Calo
    7 Annie Rivieccio
    8 Annett Witting
    9 Susanne Bock
    10 Jeannie Paparone
    11 Helen Bouchard
    12 Anja Timmer

    Scroll down to bottom of page for gallery link


    In order of appearance

    1. Ronny Rockel (Germany)
    2. Simon Cohen (England)
    3. Milton Holloway (USA)
    4. George Turmon (USA)
    5. Craig Richardson (USA)
    6. Greg Rando (USA)
    7. Garrett Downing (USA)
    8. Ramon Gonzalez (Spain)
    9. Rodney St Cloud (USA)
    10. Jorge Jose Alves (France)
    11. Frank Michel (Germany)
    12. Ahmad Haidar (Lebanon)
    13. Ed van Amsterdam (Netherlands)
    14. Jostein Oedegaarden (Norway)
    15. Frank Roberson (USA)
    16. Melvin Anthony (USA)
    17. Branch Warren (USA)
    18. Peter Trenz (Germany)
    19. Johnnie Jackson
    20. Eddie Abbew (England)
    21. Nasser El Sonbaty (Yugoslavia)
    22. Jeff Long (USA)
    23. Toney Freeman (USA)
    24. Heiko Kallbach (Germany)
    25. Thomas Stellander (Norway)
    26. Mike Morris (USA)
    27. Pavol Jablonicky (Czech Republic)
    28. Quincy Taylor (USA)
    29. Art Atwood (USA)
    30. Jonny Stewart (USA)
    31. Jimmy Canyon (USA)
    32. Thomas Bengali (Italy)
    33. Kenny Jones (USA)
    34. Didier Blanc (France)
    35. Ntuk Ntuk (Nigeria)
    36. Darrem Charles (Trinidad & Tobago)
    37. Gian Enrico Pica (Italy)
    38. George Farah (USA)
    39. Lee Powell (England)
    40. Eric Otero (USA)
    41. Wong Hong (China)
    42. Reza Amin Torabi (Canada)
    43. Richard Jones (USA)
    44. Edson Prado (Brazil)
    45. Alexander Vishnevskiy (Russia)
    46. Eugeny Mishin (Russia)

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    I was there it looked to me that Darrem Charles deserved to win. I didn't see prejuding and judging by the pics on flexonline it was a close one to call between Melvin and Darrem... I though Richard Jones made a nice first pro debut but I know he can look better. ... Third was a good placing for him.

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