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    slin pin for clen: How much

    I have a bottle of liquid clen and it is 120mcg per ml. What tic would I load a slin pin to get 20mcg and should I shoot it or drink it?

    Thanks for any replies.

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    Do not inject it.

    Get a dropper at any pharmacy. and measure out the appropriate amount.

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    Please DO NOT INJECT CLENBUTEROL , as it is not sterile!

    Better yet, go to a pharmacy and get an oral syringe. They are easier to dose, and can be re-used. If it is 120mcg/mL, and you want 20mcg, then you need 1/6 of a mL (cc). Which sucks, because that is not an easy dose to regulate. I would up it to 30mcg, and use .25cc.

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