I've been on several cycles of only norandren, and lorabolin. I'm about to start a cycle using deca and supertest. First of all I'm trying to find out what exactly supertest is (well i know what it "IS", I just want to find out what it's components are), and have had a dificult time because there are so many posts on it that only go as far as to say, "It's no good" or "it's great" or "It's o.k."

I'm pretty sure I'll need anti-e's with it and was wondering what some of you would recomend. I've nolva is good, and that letrozol is even better. Is one more recomended than the other? And what name does nolva go by at ar-r , cause I can't find it under nolva? I'm also assuming that letrozol goes by Letro, am I correct?

Uhg...just looked at my post, sorry for all the questions, but I'd appreciate any help. Heck, I'd love it if someone could send me to site that had total info on Super Test!!

Thanks guys, I'm gonna keep searching around here in the mean time.