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    M1T and body TEMP!!

    please someone tell me that they are experiencing abnormal body temperatures througout the day, especially at night, i cant even sleep bc this stuff is burning me up

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    Yeah man, I swore I wouldn't take that **** again unless it was dead cold outside. It had me sweating in the AC. I didn't want to leave the house. It also made me tired.
    I would take cold showers. Good Luck!

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    first 4 doses were like that for me

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    uh, okay bros i havent taken M1T but I had the same problem just liftin naturally... I would come home from a torrid weight training session and scarf down a meal high in protein, with pasta as my mod carbs right before bed... the problem with eating carbs right before bed is that it raises your body temp a whole **** load, and in fact you body temp needs to be able to drop down to just below 70 degrees for a good nights sleep. the insulin spike (especially on roids) makes the, i beleive its either the pituitary or hypothalamus go crazy trying to jam all that glycogen and repair all the damage. to fix this, you need to end your carbs 2-4 hours before bed time... i always eat a no carb meal right before bed thats high in good fat and high in protein (ground beef with walnuts, olive oil, etc.) i saw this in Muscle and Fitness magazine and it totally cured this pain in the ass...

    by the way, i took three times the normal dosage of sleeping pills and sleep in my cold 60 degree basement and i was still rolling around for 4 hours sweating. anyway, I'll try to post the exact words of this article when I get the mag from my house.

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    Sounds like good stuff, I need to burn off some fat. 1-testosterone ether (1-T) is also supposed to be good. Does anyone have info about using that?

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