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    clen purchase statement

    i wanna purchase clen from *****? how does it appear on your credit card bill and your package? thanks...

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    This is how it appeared on my statement.


    ***** is bad-ass. I think if U are in the US it'll get to you w/in 3-5 days. Its safe and they are good people!

    Here are some tips for using this sight bro.

    -First of all, remember one thing. Everyone was a newbie at one point.
    -This site is bad ass, better than any other site I have visited.
    -You can have most of your questions answered without having to post one! that is very important.
    -before you proceed further, I would read ALL of the educational threads in the STEROIDS QUESTIONS forum.
    -Also There are a bunch of forums separated by category, check those out for specific info.
    -In each forum there are also some important threads at the top(begining)you should read. They will probably answer your questions.
    -Another good way to find info is by using the search option. This is located at the top of the page in a little rectangle strip under the banner.
    -If you follow what I gave you, you should find pretty much all the information you need except for maybe some specifics.
    -If you do this it will also prevent you from looking like a dumb ass and getting flamed.
    Hope I helped out

    (They need to make people read something like this before they sign up)

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