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    Dosage of liquid clen/t3 combo

    Can anyone tell me the reccomended dosage of ARR's liquid clen /t3 combo? I was planning on using it towards the end of a cycle with winstrol .

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    The first thread on this AR_R forum has conversions.
    The T3/Clen come with syringes so you can put them in your mouth.

    Look at the steroid profile on the "steroid profiles" or do a search at the top of the page under the banner, you should find what you need.

    If you want an answer from people then you have to give specifics. the more the better
    ex: height weight cycle goals etc etc!!

    T3 is no joke get make sure you get your thyroid tested before after and during your cycle and tell your doctor what you are doing or else you will wind up having to use it the rest of your life. This stuff is not candy!!!

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