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    Cool how much t3, clen should i use

    my goal is to lose fat before i bulk agian i want to run t3 and clen what dosage should i use im 5'8 185 i plan on running 6iu of hgh ith igf insulin and an asortment of juice in about two months im gathering everything bit bit because of the cost of the HGh i was wondering how the t3 woould play a role in my thyroid what is the best dosage for my future plans if anyone could get back to me that would be great thanx, b :

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    ive done t3 -clen a couple of times.go to eduction forums and look at cycleons thread on t3 .i follow the examples for cycling t3.clen,i usually start low and work my way up as my body gets use to it.if i shake real bad then ill back off sure to take benadryl which helps with the receptors,so you can take clen for longer periods.

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