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Thread: Liquidex?

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    My right nipple is sore, and I think i feel a lump starting. I scheduled a doctors appointment, but could I take liquidex to get rid of it. The research site is out of nolvadex other wise I would use that. I'm not on a cycle so it seems kind of wierd. Will the doc give me anything for it?

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    the site has 's at the bottom of the page . but you want letrozole here is why. this is a pm I received from a member.

    His dosing is way to high.

    Quote Originally Posted by Georgie
    Hello I have used ARR letro in the past to sucessfully reverse a gyno lump. I ran it at a very high dose of 2.5 mg per day for 3 weeks. I was very impressed. I just recently ordered some more and am running a low dose test c cycle at 300-400 mg /wk. How much should I use to prevent a reoccurce of gyno, but not hinder gains too much. .5 mg EOD? Thanks

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