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    wanting too start my first cycle

    I`m 5,7 ans 202lbs and 2 0z.
    i`v been working out for 2years now and need a little more edge and my gains have slowed down. i`m maxing out at 335 on bench **flat**

    i`m really wanting too do a test e.500ml.w. and winny 100 cycle.... but i dont really no how too get gear yet so i`m going too try prma grop8... yes its miss spelled lol ** on purpose **you guys what i mean!

    i`m really looking foward too some replys back thanks in advance

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    First off, this isn't a forum for steroid questions....(this one is specifically for AR-R )..

    Second, you need to do more research if you think you're injecting 500ml/week of any compound... I'm hoping it was a typo ...

    Third, some people may take it that you're asking for a source, in a round-about method, although that may not be your intent... it's against board rules... just FYI...

    Definitely check out the Steroid Questions and Education Library and get reading ...

    Also, before you turn to AAS, you should throw your diet up for critique in the diet forum, as well as post your training practices up in the workout forums.... either one, or both, may be holding you back....

    And lastly, welcome to AR

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    man i wish i got that nice of a "welcome to arr!"

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    before you send any money to anyone do a source check with a mod ...don't post things like this in a forum......make sure you get the go ahead. there are always issues that you don't know about you don't want to loose your money or send your money to the Cops
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    202lbs AND 2 oz eh??? interesting and informative

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