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    Lion need some help

    Lion I just recived my product today thank you only took THREE days awsome. Here is my questions....
    1. I order Tomax with the barrel is one full barrel egual to 20mg dose?

    2. With the Letro it is in a pump so is one pump equal to 2.5mgs? So if i wanted to take 1mg of letro a day only one pump would be fine?

    Sorry to bother you with this i have been doing research on your products but just a little guideness would be helpfull. I will be ordering more in the near futher.

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    Yes one barrel full is equal to 1ml which for the tamox is 20mgs. As far as the letro 10 squirts is 1ml. So if you want 2.5mgs then do 2 squirts. Just FYI you don't want near that much as it is very strong. I used 5 squirts everyday and that is even higher than what most people on here use.

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    5 every other day is alot

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    welll...i think that was wrong advice....from doing math...Letro is 2.5mg/ml so if 10 pumps is 1 ml ...then for would need 10 pumps not 2 pumps that was adviced....and LION ....i was advised at 1.25 ED ..figured that would be intense enough to shrink the gyno....????

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