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    Whats wrong w/ my nolvadex???

    I also posted this in the steroid questions, it's ***** nolvadex .

    I was looking at my Nolvadex the other day, and I noticed it had particles all on the bottom, so I shook it up... That didn't do much so then I heated up the bottle in the water and then shook it up and it looked good and disolved and perfect distribution....

    Anyways today I go to look at my Nolvadex it looks the same as the other day, all the particles are on the bottom, but this time after heating it up and then shaking there's now a whole bunch of orangish looking stuff on the bottom/side and I'm not sure what this was caused from because the particles weren't that color before...

    Any clue what is wrong with my nolva??? It's only 3 months old...

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    you shouldn't have heated it just shaken it...just shake it ...the heat has oxcidised it a little it will still be bio-active

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