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    clen/t3 (newbie)

    I have just recieved the clen /t3 liquid how much do I consume per day never had t3 before but have had clen tabs in the past. I weigh 290 pounds and alot of it is fat and I am 6,1 in height. Do I take them both together

    thanks for help

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    Try This!!!!

    Follow this tho, GOOD LUCK & don't forget to diet, that's the key!!!

    Follow this:
    day 1,2 50mcg T3 (day1: 20mcg clen , day2: (2)20mcg clen)
    day 3,4 75mcg T3 (day3: (3)20mcg clen, day3: (4)20mcg clen)
    day 5-11: 100 - 125mcgs T3 (day5: (5)20mcg clen, day6: (6)20mcg clen, day7: (7)20mcg clen, day8-day11: (7)20mcg clen)

    Days 11-13 : 125mcgs (or 100 depends on your max) (days 11-13: (7)20mcg clen)
    Days 14-16 : 100mcgs (day14: (7)20mcg clen)
    Days 17-19: 75mcgs
    Days 20-22: 50mcgs

    Days 23-28 : 37.5mcgs
    Days 29-33 : 25 mcgs (day29: 20mcg clen, day30: (2)20mcg clen, day31: (3)20mcg clen, day32: (4)20mcg clen, day33: (5)20mcg clen)
    Days 34-42 : 12.5 mcgs (day34: (6)20mcg clen, days 35-42: (7)20mcg clen)

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    the "optimal" fat loss combo would have to be T-3 (mostly known as Cytomel and Cynomel) and Clenbuterol . Yes, these two drugs are illegal, but not too hard to find with a little research. T-3 is a great drug whether you are natural or not, you just have to adjust your dosage accordingly and also supplement your diet with high levels of protein.

    Don't get me wrong, this drug is extremely powerful, I mean its straight thyroid (you can feel it pretty quickly) and also dangerous when not used correctly, let me repeat that, very dangerous! T-3 greatly enhances your metabolic rate which slows down as your body fat and calories get lower, which means you don't have to drop calories extremely low towards the end of your diet. It also works synergistically with Clenbuterol, and keeps the effect of the drug longer.

    Everyone thinks that you have to be on gear to use T-3 due to the "wasting effects", this is bunk. If you use a suitable dosage which (for a natural) would be somewhere between 50mcg-100mcg in divided dosages, and someone on gear could use upwards of 150mcg or more depending on bodyweight.

    On T-3 you CANNOT develop the more is better mentality due to the fact that number one, you will burn up all your muscle tissue, and number two, you could potentially screw up your metabolism for the rest of your life, I think number two catches peoples attention. Also every one talks about the "T-3 crash" when you discontinue using it, this is also false due to the fact that most of the people who talk about this normally go back to a bulking diet after the finish, of course your going to gain fat back if you do that!

    The best way to come off would be to taper down and when coming of (due to the sluggishness of your metabolism) resume you diet plan for 4-6 weeks after, then start to slowly add calories back in until you are at your normal level. To cycle T-3, I would start with 25mg for the first week, 50mcg the second, 75mcg the third, (you could go up to 100mcg if you feel your body needs it) then stay at that dose for 2 weeks, then taper down by 25mcg per week until you are off. Again this is a dangerous drug when not used correctly, and you have to know your body very well (diet wise) to avoid muscle loss, which could occur.

    Clenbuterol is similar to the effects of Ephedrine, but I feel they are much better and also it is less harsh (side effects). The proper way to use this is 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off (ECA would be used on the off weeks). Dosages range from 60mcg per day to 180mcg per day, but again this is very individual due to the fact that people experience side effects at different dosages. Clenbuterol's effects are very profound on body composition, users commonly report overall fat loss and a hardening to the physique very quickly. I feel this drug works very well in two-week intervals. Again like T-3, I would start off at 60mcg per day and taper up by 20mcg per day until you are at your desired dosage, I really don't feel you have to taper off of this drug, but some do. Also if you are not a first time user you can start off at the dosage you normally use and run that through out, but if not taper up to find out the effects it has on your body.

    Also, take your daily dosages before 3-4 due to the fact that it could cause some insomnia in some people when taken later. Another drug I would use (only on the weeks with the Clen ) is Yohimbine HCL. This enhances the overall effects of Clen and T-3 by allowing the effects to last longer, and it also suppresses your appetite very well. The only downside to Yohimbine is that it is an anti diuretic and will make you hold some water while using it, but I feel it is worth it. Dosages are usually around 2-3 5mg tabs spread out with the Clen.

    have fun and dont hurt your rat

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    good post

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