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    This is kinda long sorry...So about 6 months ago I did a 2 week m1t cycle just to finish off what I had..When I was done the next day my nipples got extremely puffy and when i squeezed on them a white liquid came out. I went through an extra long 5 week post cycle which did nothing to help..(nolva) and then I used b6 and vitex still with no help...So after some more nolva use the puffyness was going away a little but the liquid would still come out if i squeezed hard enough... I waited for a while and then started a Dbol test e cycle running dbol for the first 5 weeks and test for 10 weeks...The entire time i ran nolva and letro at low doses and throughout the cycle my nipples were puffy and a tiny bit of white liquid would come out. I am coming to the end of the test with about 3 weeks left and would really like some opinions on what will STOP the liquid and make the puffyness go away. The puffyness is not as bad during the day but at night time it really gets bad...I take my nolva before bed as i did with the letro..I have never had any lumps at all the entire time during the m1t or the dbol test...I have heard soooo many differnet opinions on this and what i should do and i have tried a lot so for annyone that has a legit idea or knows what there talking about i would be very happy to hear it. Thanks.

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    letrozole ..and b6

    the M1t you got shouldn't have done this sounts like you got M-test

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