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    cant order off anabolic

    I tried to order some stuff and at teh point where you confirm the order it went right back to login screen?
    Whats up with that I said.. I am using OPERA web browser so i thought I would try Internet Explorer. Well Using that I got login errors and couldnt log in at all. I then tried Internet Explorer with AVANT and had the same issue.

    So then i decided to remote into another computer.. (im at work and I logged into home) and USed AVANT/IE and I could log in.. So I proceeeded to order again and boom same thing.

    Now im thinking there are 2 orders floating out there and I have yet to get a confirmation email or anyting.. and there is no order histroy in my history.

    I tried to contact them via thier contact button on their site. What else is there to do?

    Has this happened to anyone else?

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    are yo on because we are having the that problem on

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