Hi I'm a new female to the site, I was doing some research for clen /t3. I found this cycle and wanted to know if it is ok. I plan on ordering the liquid clen/t3 combo from the site. I'd also like to know if the dose for the day should be taken at the same time, and wether or not on an empty stomach. Please help!

day 1,2 50mcg T3 (day1: 20mcg clen, day2: (2)20mcg clen)
day 3,4 75mcg T3 (day3: (3)20mcg clen, day3: (4)20mcg clen)
day 5-11: 100 - 125mcgs T3 (day5: (5)20mcg clen, day6: (6)20mcg clen, day7: (7)20mcg clen, day8-day11: (7)20mcg clen)

Days 11-13 : 125mcgs (or 100 depends on your max) (days 11-13: (7)20mcg clen)
Days 14-16 : 100mcgs (day14: (7)20mcg clen)
Days 17-19: 75mcgs
Days 20-22: 50mcgs

Days 23-28 : 37.5mcgs
Days 29-33 : 25 mcgs (day29: 20mcg clen, day30: (2)20mcg clen, day31: (3)20mcg clen, day32: (4)20mcg clen, day33: (5)20mcg clen)
Days 34-42 : 12.5 mcgs (day34: (6)20mcg clen, days 35-42: (7)20mcg clen)