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    clen/t3 from ARR

    i bought the clen /t3 combo from ARR for my rat. how much do i take everyday of each? ive been doin research and nothing is many pumps of each a day? how many times a day? please answer

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    Start of with 1 squirt per day for each (1 squirt = 20mcg). Increase the clen every fews days or so to assess your rats tolerance, usually up to about 120mcg max, or depending on what your rat feels is adequate. I would use to 2 week on/ 2 week off approach. Try to split the doses up through the day.
    For the T3 there has been several good posts made with regards to a successful cycle. Usually building the dose up slowly (for a 1st timer), staying at a constant for a while then tampering off slowly so you don't shock your thyroid by suddenly stopping the T3.
    I think a good post was by Cycleon Formula for Cycling and Dosing T3

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    thanx. i wish there were more imformative people like you. you answered my question 100%.

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