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    What would you guys suggest??

    These are my stats:

    I'm a 24 yr. old male. I'm 5' 9", 156 lbs. I've been on the same diet for about 4 months now, working out at least 5 days a week. I eat 5 times a day with two of my meals consisting of whey protein. My goal is to cut down as much body fat as possible w/o sacrificing too much more weight (i've lost 15 lbs in the 1st 3 months). My problem right now is that i've come to dead stop where i'm not noticing any more results. I wanted to add some sort of fat burning supplement to my diet. What fat burning supplements would you recommend? I want something that will give me great results, but without losing a sh!t load of weight. I've searched all last night but as you know, every individual's goals and body build are different. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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    I wud try the clen from ARR. It has worked very well for my rat in burning fat. I wouldn't recommend the T3 yet, as it has a tendancy to burn muscle and fat and has to be used properly for safe use.

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    Clen , make sure you research it. It is very effective if you run it correctly\

    Good Luck Bro

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    yes do your research ...first

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    Ya clen is some good stuff, Make sure you do some reseach on it.

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    Take some clen / t3/ and an eca and if your fuken hardcore just go straight for the DNP !! but thats not good advice im givving you but its what works!!

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