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    Talking First cycle ever

    Hello guys,
    I thought i would come to you first to get some advice.
    A bit of back ground on myself.
    I weigh in at 73.4 kg, i have hardly any body fat around the 15% mark.
    I have been going gym for 3 months, 3 times a week doing a full body work out every sesion, sesions are arond the 30-45min mark.

    I am about to start my first cycle of gear ever, I have been advised a good cycle to strat with is Dbol /Winstrol /Nolvadex /Clomid
    This is an oral cycle as i am a bit afraid of needles.
    The doses i have been recommended are as follows.
    Dbol 30mg per day
    Winstrol 40mg per day
    Nolvadex 20mg per day
    at the end of the cycle aprox 6 weeks start the Clomid @ 150mg per day for the first week and then go down to 100mg for the second and the 3rd week take 50mg.

    please can you advise if this is ok to do as a beginner cycle, if you are unable to assist me please direct me to the best spot to ask this question.

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    you should go to the steroid forum there is a lot of info there you might wanna look into before you gonna start.

    but i can say this a oral only cycle is a big nono,and if you arwe afraid of needles then youre not ready to cycle.

    and 3 months of training is not enough to begin juicin,you've got a lot to gain naturally.
    i don't know how tall you are but with youre weight and bf you prob dont have a solid frame yet to begin aas.

    work on youre diet and workout first(check out the forums) and in the mean time learn all you can about aas and then in a year or 2 maybe youre ready to cycle.


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    You're not ready for a cycle yet. After 3 months you are only just starting to get actual stength gains from muscle growth. So far, your strength gains have only been from better neural connections improved muscle fibre coordination. Give it another 3 months, then think about it again. In the mean time, do your research and when the time comes, you will be able to answer all your own questions.

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