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    Experts, please help, solve the confusion!

    Ok, I've been reading many threads going back 3 months....My rat (50 cent) is gonna be on his third 3 week on monday (Clen /T3) I've read from lion and others not to cycle clen on/off just run straight through...I've read something about taking 50mg of bendaryl at night, to work with clen, to keep receptors working! I have been raising my rat's intake to 60-80 for the third week!!
    Can somebody please confirm this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I understand the T3 and tapering down at the end!! I'm just confused about the clen and it's intake function.. And how long to run it .........Me and 50 thank you!!! GGGG-UNIT

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    don't taper T-3 thats wrong science ..the thyroid will recover faster if you don't taper. everything else sounds good

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