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Thread: Shipping Method

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    Shipping Method

    Ok, I do not understand why the clomid/nolvadex can't be shipped by a Fedx Express... I have no address at which these products can be shipped too. And if they ship VIA FEDX EXPRESS fedx said they can ship the products to them and call me when it gets in. This is IDEAL for me, why can't this be done ARR? I'm more than willing to pay any extra costs and extra cash for the service! Please work with me ARR... can this be done?

    Now i know someone here is going to be like "just use a friends address and pick it up" I am 22 years old unfortuntly i do not have any friends that live alone. And how many parents want "RESEARCH CHEMICALS" shipped to their address, this just isn't possible...

    ARR i beg you to make an acception and i'm more than willing to compensate you for it.



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