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    some more q's on letro

    I have some more questions on letro that weren't realy answered in prior threads.

    1. Will running letro for say, 2.5 years only temporarily kill my sex drive. Will my drive return back to normal after so long on letro without having to use tribulus, V., etc.

    2. In my last thread I was told that liquid is way stronger than pills. If so, how much mg's of liquid would equal 2.5 mg's of pill. I don't quite understand that. Isn't 1mg =1 mg?
    Thanks a lot, I'd really like to clear up my confusion before commiting to such a long time period.

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    yes bro 2.5 is so strong. On 3 grams a week I use .75 every other day. I have used it for over a year at a time. It didn't zap my libido. If you are having a sex drive problem you just lower the dose till it is gone it will still have the estroneg in check. This stuff is very strong

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