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    What The F*** Do I Do Now!?!?

    ok heres the deal i ordered my clomid and tamox from ar r banner on the top right of the page...had the stuff sent to a friends address, somewhere either i got the address wrong or his dumbass room mate told the delivery guy wrong address...whatever way i just need to know what i need to do to get my stuff now that it has been returnerd to sender??? Anybody please help kinda pissed here.

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    that sucks happens every other day ...send an email to give them all the info you have so they can help you. he will have to recharge you for shipping. And he will have it out to you tomarro.

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    Also just send the stuff to your house it makes it easier , unless you still live at home with your parents and will get into trouble , which in that case you probably should'nt be on roids anyway cause your to YOUNG!!!!!!

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