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    need of guidance

    I posted this wlsewher but was hoping to get more help here......

    Well I am figure competitor and have my first show this year in approx. 8 weeks. I did really well last year, naturally with out using anything except ephedra.

    I was hoping to have put on some size in my shoulders and back during the off season but for many reasons including a lack of consistency, did not happen.

    So I did a lot of reading on this forum and believe that I am ready to try Var. I purchased it in the liquid form and I am ready to start.

    Things you should now is that I am currently dieting for my show so, I am def. leaning down. I am currently using Clen /ephedra and just started my 2nd week.

    How do I incorporate Var? when shoudl I start it? and how much should I start with and increase it to etc? What can expect while taking it? and what can I expect when I come off of it?

    By the way, the oral dispenser that came with the liquid Var starts at .25ML. Considering how much I suck at conversion can you give me direction in MLs not mcg.

    Also my last question is do I need to do anything different with my diet, when on Var. My diet is really really clean right now and I am definately coming down with the clen, just looking for a little width in my back and shoulders

    Thanks for any help you can provide

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    I wish I could help you but I don't know anything about women and juice. This question would probably get a better answer in the women's forum.

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