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    Exclamation BAD Experiance with AR-R rival company...

    Purchased some research chems for the first time about a month ago online, i was going to go with AR-R as i use these forums alot but a freind refered me to another company online...worst customer service ever...

    Purchased the Chems on the 29th of July...

    First post 9 days after the order - Delivery stated 3-5 days

    I placed my order of letro, clen , and 2x nolva/clomid on the 29th of july - still havent recived. Also iv read a number of posts saying peoples clen is not working, what about if then clen i get does not work not to mention the order being late ! - I do not want to judge I.B.E just yet untill iv tried the products but i am begaining to get a little weary due to the late shipping and claims about clen - Allthough i was refered to your company in confidence - didnt just find it out of luck
    There Admin wrote :
    I have you as being shipped,The issue with the clen should be resolved.If you would like i can send a couple of research chems due to the delay.We have great products do not be detered from the delay.
    I wrote on the 7th of August :
    Yeah a couple bottles of TAMOXIFEN/CLOMIPHENEICITRATE would be great, when should i expect them to arrive ?
    9th of August...SOME of my chems came...I wrote...
    Also my chems have been deliverd to my freinds house, im about to go round and see them in a hour but only 3 bottles have come there should be 4;

    i ordered a bottle of Letro, bottle of Clenbuterol and 2x nolva/clomid

    This is the second problem iv had now, the first late shipping, when i go round and find out whats missing, when will you send the product you forgot ? Can you please send it ASAP and also tell me when you are sending the two bottles of Nolva/Clomid combo due to the delay ?
    - Went round to freinds to find my Letro was missing - the most important part of my order.

    My bottle of letros missing...after my order was allready late ! When will i recive my bottle of letro i paid for, i want it sending ASAP as it was the most important chem in my order due to gyno problems, also when will my two free bottles of Tamoxifen /Clomid combo come ?

    Once again please get my letro and other chems out ASAP as the letro was the main thing i needed out of all of the order
    9th of august there Admin wrote :
    Calm down bro. You will receive your letro,we had a backorder issue and now it is resolved.And i will ship out those products for free to you.
    August 15th...
    STILL aint got my letro and the other 2 bottles of tamoxifen/clomid combo...
    There admin :
    I'll see what I can do bro
    What is your addy,i dont know why you have not received yet.
    20th of August...i wrote...
    10 days after that post...STILL aint got it

    23 days after Order...STILL havent got my Letro or 2 complimentary bottles of Nolva/Clomid Combo for the origanal order being LATE with NO letro...

    Im begining to get annoyed with I.B.E as its starting to feel like there taking the piss a little as im sure everyone would agree in my cercumstances....will my stuff ever come ?

    I dont care what anyone else on the board says, after 23 days of ordering i still aint got my Original complete order with the Letro...PART of my order that did come was substancialy LATE, I.B.E said i would be compensated on the 6th of august...

    14 days later - (2 weeks is a long time to ship a normal order never mind the other part of a missing one !! In my opinion LATE or MISSING orders should be prioratized higher than normal ones !) - STILL nothing !!!

    I needed my Letro ASAP - what a jokes thats been, iv never heard of people having these problems with AR-R !!

    Very Unhappy I.B.E, A question for the Mods or anyone else for that matter...

    Do you guys feel this is good or even acceptable customer service ?
    STILL havent recived my stuff...Well pissed off !!!


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    Bro I'll pass this on to someone that handles some things for them...
    PM or Email me all the info on the order, I'll be busy until Monday or
    so, but don't like to hear of anyone having problems, so I'd be happy
    to help out if I can even though you went thru another company...

    Both AR-R and *** are both good companies IMHO...

    Just get in touch with me and I'll try to help out Monday...

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    does sound like it got messed up somehow needbigguns. I can look into this and push this issue along. I see you posted on my board with this complaint also. shoot me a pm on my board and tell me what you are missing and let me handle it. Trust me it will get done. I wont tolerate something like this and I B E knows that.

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    Thanks LMR

    i will close this for the time being

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