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    Question abuot clen and aderall...

    Im on perscription aderall 10mg a day for my adhd. I was wondering if taking clen in the same day would do anything out of the ordinary? Let me know

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    Aderral is a stimulater of the adrenals. Having both in your system might be too much stimulation. You might feel jittery...very jittery. I have done ephedrine and adderell at the same time and it was too much. Since im a muscle head and not a bookworm i chose the ephedrine over the adderral. As it turned out, ephedrine helped me concentrate on my tasks and basicaly fulfilled the action of the aderral. In fact i have been on both seperatly and they make me feel similar, only adderral had less thermic effect. This all makes sense as ephedrine is a direct adrenal stimulator. And adderral has shown to promote slight weight loss, but mostly through its appetite suppresive actions and not its thermic effect.
    If i was you i'd dump the aderral and us the clen as i think it will act the same for your concentration needs. If its not cutting it and schoool is still a problem start, slowly adding in adderal,ie.2.5 millg at a time, and monitoe your workouts responsibly so you son't get over stimulated. If you feel strange during a cardio workout, even even in the weight room, reduce the intensity of what your doing. Be safe above anything until you figure out your body and how it reacts to different drugs.
    With cardio, if ya feel funny, slow down the pace till it goes away or cool down and stop and call it quits for that day.
    With weights, use the same poundages but if you feel to weird on those last few reps, dont do forced reps or cheat reps. Just go to positive failure. Or stop shy of failure. But this is only tempory. You just have to take it easy in the beginnning so you can feel out your body.
    If things ultimatly don't work out with the clen/adderral combo then i would suggest switching to ephedrine. IMO just as good as clen for fat burning and has more similarities in its ability to stimulate adreanals.
    Your dealing with stimulents here. Treat them with respect.

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