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Thread: got my tamox

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    got my tamox

    im excited, test e, tamox, then clomid for pct! im loving my first cycle so far! My question is should i take .5 ml, or go with the full 1ml? my nips are a little puffy, but not to bad. im thinkin bout .5ml and if i see more signs or these get worse, ill bump it up. any comments?
    by the way, im doing 250mg of test e twice a week.

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    Well, *****'s Tamox is 20mg/ml. Personally, I use 20mg (1ml) per day as a "just in case". I think many would agree with that dosage.

    If, however, you feel that gyno is setting in, 80mg per day would be appropriate until you notice less puffy/sensitive nipples. Then reduce the dosage to 20mg per day.

    I'm also on 250mg twice per week of Test E.

    Any other opinions?

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    Take the higher dose it wont harm you and prevention is better than cure!!

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    10-20mg, while on-cycle, is a good prevention method for those that are gyno-prone.

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