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Thread: Drug Tests

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    Drug Tests

    Has anyone heard of this steriod cleanse product for $120 and does it work!

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    I would like some info as well but it all depends on what type of test that they do. The urine sample can be cleaned very easily with several different types of herbs and your local GNC will have some and if you have a store thats sells bongs and all of the rec drugs supplies, they always have cleansing herbs.
    Now hair sample is another story. They will take the hair and split it to the core and suposedly that will tell them what substance you had in your body and at what dosage what day of the month. I know it seems hard to believe but I have a bro in law enforcement and he explained it well to me.

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    yes it works great on everything but tren enth. ....the last round of lab tests came back from Quest yesterday. is shipping the product.

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    The Steroid Cleanse will clean blood and urine, but it is NOT A MASK. This does not cover up these toxins in your body. It totally removes them.

    *It is NOT easy to clear Steroid toxins from your body as mentioned above and a product found at GNC WILL NOT clear it from your system or even mask it.

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    I heard good stuff about it. if you try it let us know.
    thanks bro

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