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    Want ot start Clen/T3

    Ok so ive been doing some reserch and iam gonnna start a cycle on of this to cut some BF so my understanding is while on these you need lost of water so my questions are as follow 1) what are the doses like or is this a whatever works for you dose? 2) do you need to go cold turkey with the T3 ? 3) how long should a cycle go ? 4 ) How much should i buy at once is this if i run out and miss a dose is this bad and if so how much should i order at once ? Any help is appreciated thanxs guys. Sorry to ask alot of question but it seems there is alot fo diff opinons out there

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    There certainly are a lot of diff opinions out there. Everyone is different w/ clen and T3. It is very important to drink plenty of water and have an outstanding diet even before you begin cycling these two compounds. What are your stats and goals? IMO, i dont think anyone should ever need to top 120mcgs of either, but this is just another opinion. Take a look at the steroid profile section under clenbuterol and cytomel (t3). Tons of good info that may help you figure out how you want to run your cycles. As far as purchasing, well, actually there is a sale on the combo right now for thanksgiving for $90. A bottle of each = 30mL 200mcg/mL, so there is 6000mcgs in each bottle. If your average daily dose was 100mcgs of each every day, then each bottle would last 60 days. Make sense? of course, you wouln't run either for that long of time, so they should last at least two months each

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    Here's a quick question. I ordered Letro and T3 and I want to stack them. I have my diet all planned out and I am ready to begin but I do not know the proper dosage. Can someone help me out?

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