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    B 12 and nolva question

    Okay question 1, I have heard a lot about B 12 in the body building world, but what the hell does it do, also whats bad about do you get it...also question 2: I have had gyno surgury last year, and I fear with being pron to it i should take some Nolva, but I am not firmiliar with it, so is it okay to take it just as is, no pct, and is this site the right site to get from, and also what is the best name of Nolva...

    Sorry for more than 1 question...

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    B12 is quite the vitamin. I have been using injectable B12 on and off for the past three years, usually injecting 1000mcgs/ed. You can buy direct from the site sponsor:
    It increases energy, stimulates appetite, all around great anti-oxidant. As far as nolvadex , nolvadex is just the brand name. Tamoxifen is its scientific name. Since you are gyno prone, it is best to run nolva during your cycle. I would even suggest having an Anti-e on hand as well like l-dex or letro, and of course nolva for PCT

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    good info at this web-site. there are a few articles to read..

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