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Thread: Clen questions.

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    Clen questions.

    Ok, I am on the 2nd week on my clen /T3 cycle. I plan on doing 6 weeks straight with benedryl every 3rd week. After 2 complete weeks on it I have lost over 10lbs. I have really trimmed back my diet and do about an hour/day of intense cardio with a little weight lifting thrown in. Anyway, I wouldn't mind starting another cycle of clen/T3 as soon as I can after this cycle is over. Right now I still have about 40lbs to loose. I love the results and i'm not experiencing too many bad side effects, just a few small headaches, minor to moderate muscle cramping and some cotton mouth. All of these can be cured with a little tylenol. I need to know what is the earliest I can start a new cycle. Thanks.

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    You should really wait about 2 weeks before you get back on. This will allow your receptors to fully re-up themselves, even with the benadryl "therapy" on the 6th week. I hope you are doing a considerable amount of weights, and still eating often enough.

    What are your dosages like?

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