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Thread: Igf-1 Lrf3

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    Question Igf-1 Lrf3

    I am not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes. Has anyone used this new product from *****. I know the possibilities of this product normally, but it seems that if you buy it from ***** you have to mix it yourself. Is this common? hard? not really sure and i am very interested in giving it to my rat. My rat has never used AAS and it seems like you can have great recomp gains from just 4 weeks of this amino profile alone. Anyinfo would be greatly appreciated. I am not quite ready to give my rat AAS, so this looks like it has potential. Stats=302 lbs, 6'2", BF=18-19, pwrlifter thinking of recomp for bb show in fall. Age 24.

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    Just so you know and igf sold in liquid form will no longer be active when it arrives at your door

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    This was bad info it would hav ruined the peptide. IGF must have a binding protein. If not it will bind to the glass ant the rubber in the vial.

    Please don't post anymore info unless you are qualified to do so. Thousands of people have bought IGF that is not active. THey have been robbed.
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    i am very curious about this product, i am currently using there clen but was lookin at the site tonight and saw this???

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