I just purchased 2 bottles of letro and I planned on running it through out my next cycle. I have a slight case of gyno that I got after my last cycle, its a small lump under my left nipple about the size of a pea and I was hoping that the letro would get rid of it. My problem is that I just got some blood work back, before every cycle I get a full check up, liver, kidneys etc., and my cholesterol was fine 170 but my triglicerides were up to 406 normal is less than 150. I want to know if the letro will make this worse as I realize that estrogen is needed to help regulate cholesterol. I guess I am a little confused about how triglicerides and cholesterol are related. Aslo if I were to run nolvadex with the letro would this keep my levels in check as nolvadex is actually estrogen itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.