I will be purchasing my Clomid and T3 tomorrow from AR-R . I had written down all the dosages per week, etc, etc. I'm on my way out the door right now and didn't have time for a search-sorry!
I know I need to take 100mg Benadryl every other week and continue to increase my dosages on the Clenbuteral until I can't stand the sides.
However, I never found any clear info on the T3 dosages.

So, what should my T3 cycle look like?

How should I monitor my body temperature and blood pressure and at what levels should they be at throughout my cycle?

Should I worry about the more serious side effects like heart palpatations? Or are these only found in extremely obese people or at extremely high dosages?

I am going to go to the doctor to get a physical before starting this cycle, do you all think this is necessary?

Thanks, if you all can't supply the clen dosages I know I can find it again, however, I never found the T3 dosages. If you could get me the T3 dosages or the T3 and Clen it'd be great! Thanks!