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    Please assist (clen), 19 y/o 6'2 210lbs

    Alright, I'm throwing myself out there, I've read time and time again not to ask stupid questions, so I hope you guys take it easy on me. I have a lot of questions, I'm young and inexperienced when it comes to juice and gear, so please bare with me.

    I've been doing some reading through the educational forum, along with member testimonials and question threads regarding Clen . Currently I am most interested in Clen, as it will help with fat loss. I am looking to cut.

    Here's my situation, I'm 19 y/o, 6'2, 210 lbs and overweight. I would assume I could safely lose about 30-40 lbs of fat. My problem areas are stomach (belly, love handles) and thighs (thunder thighs). The good thing about this is I used to be 310 lbs, I've lost weight thanks to cardio from a elliptical trainer.

    The problems that I run into, is that when I read most of the profiles and handbooks, I get lost in translation. Basically I'm not on the same level as the users and writers, and do not understand their terminology. So I want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

    I think this excerpt hits everything on the nail,
    dont run t3 with clen unless you want to lose muscle. t3 should be ran with an anabolic. you can run clen for 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. however it seems the current trend is to run straight through while running benadryl at 100mg everynite every 3rd week. start with 20mcgs/day and work your way up to a dose in which the sides are tolerable. avg dose for men is 100mcgs-140mcgs. run 5g taurine ed throughout clen cycle. make sure you drink plenty of water too. at least 1 gallon a day. ur diet should be high in protein, moderate carbs, low in fat. split your clen doses up in to at least 2 doses throughout the day but no later than 4 oclock. u should try and monitor your body temp. monitor you body temp every morning for a week before u start your cycle. then monitor it throughout your cycle. it should be raised a little over 1 degree i think. make sure you have ur training/cardio and diet in check. i would run it for 8-12 weeks.
    I'm ready to take the next step in terms of weight loss and muscle gain.

    And I know I'm gonna need some guidance in the right direction.

    Will Clen combined with Taurine give me the best results? Should I incorporate this with cardio and lifting, or specifically cardio? 5 days of cardio or can I lift, too?

    Also.. am I too young to juice? I've seen a couple recommendations for people just starting, and some example first cycles, I am interested but I don't know if it's right for me, due to my age..

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    your too young to be messing with any of these products .....go buy animal cuts at 6'2'' 210 is not over weight. At 19 all you need to do is eat protein and train.....5 days a week 1 muscle group a day. cardio cardio cardio

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