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Thread: Clen for Me

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    Clen for Me

    Hey im 7 1/2 weeks out from a spring break trip to bahamas, march 18-24. Im in the middle of a bulking phase from the summer, and I am looking to diet 6 weeks out for my trip to drop a few pounds, even though i hadnt planned on fully ending my bulking phase until April, So I am not fully starting a cutting program yet, just a quick diet/cardio for 6 weeks. So I was wondering about doing a Clen /t3 combo, and was wondering if this was right for me, I am affarid cause I dont want to loose my muslce gains just for a trip, but I do want to look good and get my abs popping again...So what should I do, Should I do the t3 clen stack ...for how long I was thinking 6 weeks...and How much....Any help would be great...

    As for my quick plan to cut up: Im adding cardio-am 3mile run, and after workout 20mins for diet Im going to keep it the same, just not eat as much carbs at night....


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    eat lean and tweak your diet. What are you running .....stats stats ...stats. That's a long bulker.

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